In the current economic environment, and the crises that so many economies are facing, an unprepared organization can easily sink.... but a well prepared one will bring out its true strengths.
We support you in planning, growing and structuring your business with emphasis on strategy, innovation and cost management.
With our unique approach, and the drive of our people for perfection, we work closely with our clients to improve performance and create a competitive advantage wherever your business may take you.
At FLEXI GROUP we thrive on challenge, and our challenge is our clientele. We are enthusiastic about that we do. Whatever the task in hand we tackle it with energy, expertise and determination. "I don't look to jump over 7-foot bars... I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over."Warren Buffett

Services for Companies

In the lives of rich individuals, companies, and their families' trusts, foundations, corporations, and partnerships play a crucial role. A combined number of globally mobile customers maintain, expand and protect their wealth and assets for generations to come.


Our service is given under the regulatory and statutory system of Cyprus and the fiduciary service expert is approved by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission   ( CySec ).

Services for Capital Markets and Funds

Our global financial regulation and advisory services help clients to navigate the evolving and increasingly complex regulatory environment of the professional world of today.

We can assist in structuring business and operations in the most efficient commercial ways, from establishing regulated funds to electronic money institutions.

Services for Family Business Wealth

Our expert Family Business Wealth team designs and administers programs that support private clients and extended families, handle numerous and dynamic cross-border properties, address tax and regulatory issues, and plan succession of estate and business.