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Dear Clients, Partners and Associates,

As we commemorate our 25th founding anniversary and through our never-ending quest for innovation we are keen to lay stronger foundations moving forwards into the future.

It is of great delight and pride that we take the opportunity to introduce you to our revamped website www.flexi-group.net

Flexi-Group.net has come to replace all previous version of Flexi Group’s websites and create an all-inclusive and online portal. This portal is tailor made for current clients as well as prospective customers alike and acts as a gateway to the complete Family of Flexi.

The combined experience of the leaders of our group, that spans more than 30 years, has led them to dive into innovation with every arising opportunity.

With this letter we would like to announce and introduce you to our new affiliate company Flexi BetConsultant.cy Limited which offers a wide range of expertise in the online gaming industry. Through its website www.betconsultantcy.com , our partner provides:

· Corporate Strategy

· Licensing Applications to Various Jurisdictions

· Regulatory Compliance

· Due Diligence

· Risk Management

· Intellectual Property

· Designing & Marketing

· Opening & Managing Bank Accounts

We welcome you to our one stop shop for the online gambling industry and for online businesses in general.

Along with our aspiring news platform, www.flexi-news.com , moderated by Flexi Group that aims to become a leading news and support site by aggregating the latest local and international financial, banking, tax, fund and expat news our group is now fully equipped to dive into new projects and together succeed in any new and current venture.

Visit Our New Website
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Thank you very much for your attention and time.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Vrahimis

Founder / Executive Chairman

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