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Vlachopoulos (Piraeus): The four priority sectors for loans - New financing of 3.8 billion euros

Piraeus has already proceeded with new financing of 3.8 billion by the end of July, in a trajectory of exceeding the target of disbursement of new loans of 5.7 billion for 2021.

The effective utilization of all European Structural and Investment Funds is a strategic priority for Piraeus Bank, said Mr. Thanos Vlachopoulos, General Manager, Head of Large Corporate & Wholesale Products of Piraeus Bank, speaking at the Olympia Forum 2021: Empowering Cities & Regions.

"The effective utilization of all development tools will be the catalyst for the change of the productive model of the country.

In this context, Piraeus Bank, based on its strategic planning, is fully prepared to support the financing of new investments that will have a long-term positive social, economic and environmental footprint ", noted Mr. Vlachopoulos.

The Bank's action plan emphasizes, inter alia, mainly four areas that are largely in line with the central objectives of the European Structural and Investment Funds:

  • Renewable Energy Sources, where the Bank plans in the medium term to double its financing, from 1 billion. to 2 billion euros

  • Digital Economy, where the Bank plans to allocate significant amounts for the modernization of small and medium enterprises

  • Extroversion, emphasizing and prioritizing extroverted and innovative companies and

  • the modernization of the primary sector and the agri-food chain.

Having the necessary know-how, Piraeus Bank pointed out Mr. Vlachopoulos, is ready to contribute to accelerating the absorption of European funds, having developed a comprehensive service framework based on 5 main pillars:

  • a specialized team that aims to mobilize and coordinate the internal environment of the Bank for the effective service of the customers, combining:

  • people with extensive knowledge and experience who are the key in communicating with companies as, thanks to their expertise, outline the needs of each business, guide them and propose solutions adapted to the appropriate conditions

  • the specially designed products that are developed and linked to the respective European programs

  • the simplest and fastest procedures for receiving and processing requests that reduce approval and disbursement time; and

  • and the development of strategic partnerships with experts for optimal internal coordination and effective resource management.

Referring to the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, the General Manager of Piraeus Bank, stressed that small and medium-sized enterprises, which want to develop, that are open to change, proposals, adoption of professional standards, new ideas, collaborations, were traditional and would continue to be customers of Piraeus Bank, which not only provides them with access to credit products, but takes care to inform them of any new tools and products available, to bring them in contact with the market and to identify opportunities and possibilities.

The Bank has already made new financing of 3.8 billion by the end of July, in order to exceed the target of disbursement of new loans of 5.7 billion for 2021,with about 50% of them having been channeled to small and medium enterprises and mainly in the sectors of manufacturing, logistics, tourism, trade and the primary sector while it has committed to channel in 2022 to the Greek economy resources of the order of € 6 billion. , with the corresponding distribution in small and medium enterprises.

At Piraeus Bank we believe that the next day should be built on the principles of Sustainable or Responsible Banking, where financing should be evaluated on the basis of how much they contribute positively to the economy and society and not on the basis of how they do not negatively affect them. , said Mr. Vlachopoulos and added that the Bank has integrated criteria of Environment, Social Cohesion and Governance (ESG), in an increasing range of activities and products it offers, he underlined.

Source: https://www.bankingnews.gr/

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