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Celebrating 28 Years of Success: Flexi-Group Anniversary! 

Dear Esteemed Clients, Business Allies, and Dedicated Team,

We are overjoyed to mark the 28th anniversary of Flexi-Group's continuous growth, inventive strides, and collective achievements!

Throughout these years, Flexi-Group has evolved into a vibrant hub of ingenuity, teamwork, and distinction. Serving a broad spectrum of sectors including shipping, real estate, pharmaceuticals, gaming, and commerce, we've overcome obstacles with determination, pursued innovation with vigor, and built enduring alliances.

These principles have been the cornerstone of our progressive journey and accomplishments.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to our clients for their steadfast confidence, our partners for their invaluable cooperation, and our remarkable team for their relentless commitment and effort. This celebration of our anniversary is a tribute to your enduring support and dedication.

As we celebrate this important milestone, we renew our commitment to delivering unparalleled services, advancing innovation, and maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

We look forward to the future with excitement, ready to seize further opportunities to excel in serving you.

Thank you for playing a pivotal role in our story of triumph!

Joseph Vrahimis
Founder / Executive Chairman




We deliver what we promise and add value beyond what is expected .We achieve Excellence through Innovation, Learning, and Agility.


The best solutions come from working together with colleagues and clients. Effective teamwork demands strong Relationships, Respect and Sharing with each other. We strongly believe that effective teamwork leads to flexibility. We must be flexible and we must have the ability to constantly change ourselves. 


We aim at becoming the business leaders in the professional sectors of the industries that we operate in. This will be achieved by working with individuals who are leaders in their field of expertise and uniting them together under one umbrella.


We aim to have a positive and lasting impact beyond the business domain. We donate a portion of our time and resources to community and global issues and instructions on a yearly basis. The objective is to make the world a better place for us and our children and the generations to come.

Our Team 

Our Partners 

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Mr. Joseph Vrahimis 

Founder - Executive Chairman

Joseph Vrahimis, the founding force and Executive Chairman of Flexi Group, embarked on this journey in 1996 with the launch of NumberMax Business Services Limited, laying the groundwork for what would become a distinguished entity in the service industry.


His visionary leadership has been a cornerstone of Flexi Group's evolution, driving its strategic trajectory, expansion, and overall development. Mr. Vrahimis's hands-on approach in shaping the Group's direction, meticulous implementation of strategies, and continuous refinement of these plans underscore his commitment to the Group's enduring prosperity.

With an illustrious career spanning over thirty years in International Business, Mr. Vrahimis has emerged as a trusted advisor to an eclectic mix of entities, including corporations, trusts, foundations, and individual investors across the globe.


His deep-seated expertise in international tax law and his nuanced grasp of the complexities of global commerce have been instrumental in forging his reputation as an authority in the service industry, both within his home country and on the international stage.

Mr. Vrahimis's leadership philosophy emphasizes sustainability, ethical business practices, and the importance of cultivating a dynamic and inclusive corporate culture.

Under his stewardship, Flexi Group has not only achieved financial success but has also contributed to setting industry standards for corporate responsibility and client service excellence.


Looking ahead, Vrahimis remains focused on leveraging emerging technologies and market trends to further solidify Flexi Group's position as a leader in its field, ensuring its adaptability and success for years to come.

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Mrs. Maria Aletrari 

Client Relationship Partner 

Mrs. Aletrari became part of Flexi Group in 1999, initially serving as CEO before advancing to a Partner position, where she now plays a pivotal role as a Client Relationship Partner.


Throughout her tenure, Mrs. Aletrari has successfully curated a noteworthy and varied portfolio of international clientele, focusing on trust, corporate, and administrative services, as well as providing guidance on international business ventures.

In her current capacity, Mrs. Aletrari leads the Flexi Group's client service team, acting as the primary liaison for clients and ensuring their strategic needs are effectively matched with the firm's offerings.

Her role involves being the initial point of contact for clients, streamlining the process to align their strategic objectives with the firm's services.


Bringing over two decades of experience in Administration Services and Corporate Structuring, she offers comprehensive counsel on international business strategies across a wide array of sectors.


Mrs. Aletrari is particularly recognized for her expertise in banking advisory services, catering to the intricate needs of complex international corporate structures.

Our Managers 


Mr. Constantinos Kentis 

General Manager 

Mr. Constantinos Kentis, admitted to the Cyprus Bar in 2015, joined Flexi Group in 2016 as a junior lawyer and quickly advanced to Head of the Legal Department by 2018. By 2021, his exceptional leadership and expertise earned him the role of General Manager.


In this capacity, Kentis oversees the organization's daily operations and strategic initiatives, ensuring operational efficiency and service excellence.


His tenure has significantly improved the legal department's alignment with Flexi Group's goals, enhancing compliance and risk management. Kentis's strategic insight has been pivotal in driving the company's growth and maintaining its competitive edge in the international market.


His dedication to innovation and quality continues to shape Flexi Group's success and future direction.


Flexi Consultants ( Cyprus ) Ltd.

Flexi Consultants ( Cyprus ) Ltd. is an Administrative Service Provider authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) providing specialist corporate, legal, tax and banking services to high net individuals as well as fiduciary and administrative services to legal entities including shipping companies, financial institutions, law firms and multinational corporations.


Flexi Consultants (Cyprus) Ltd has been dealing with International Companies, with their diverse and specialized needs, for over 25 years, throughout the Middle East, Europe and the Far East.

  • Corporate

  • Fiduciary

  • Advisory

  • Banking

  • Tax Planning

  • Shipping

  • IP

Flexi Family 

Bet Consultant.Cy Ltd.

BetConsultant.Cy offers a wide range of expertise in the online gambling business.

BetConsultant.Cy has developed a wide range of services to help its clients succeed in their respective industries.

Corporate strategy, licensing applications to various jurisdictions, regulatory compliance, due diligence, risk management, intellectual property, designing & marketing, opening and managing bank accounts are some of the services we provide to our clients. We are a one stop shop for the online gambling industry and for online businesses in general.

  • Licensing

  • Compliance Services

  • Banking & Payment Solutions

  • Design Services 

  • Online Marketing

Flexi Nominees/Trustees/Secretarial Ltd.

Corporate secretarial services maintain and retain all your legal, corporate and administrative information in one place, so you have easy one-stop access to whatever you need, whenever you need it.

With our sizeable in-house team of corporate lawyers and directors, FLEXI provides in-depth strength that supports every aspect of legal administration. Always thinking along with our clients to arrive at suitable solutions, we are happy to take an active or advisory role as and when required.

  • Trustee (Nominee) Directors / Secretary

  • Trustee (Nominee) Shareholders

  • Registered Office

  • Bank Accounts Introduction and Operation

  • International Disputes

  • Litigation & Arbitration

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