Services for 


In the lives of rich individuals, companies, and their families trusts, foundations, corporations, and partnerships play a crucial role. A combined number of globally mobile customers maintain, expand and protect their wealth and assets for generations to come.


Our service is given under the regulatory and statutory system of Cyprus and the fiduciary service expert is approved by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission   ( CySec ).

  • Structure and Jurisdiction Advice

  • Incorporation and Registration of corporate entities in all major jurisdictions

  • Registered Address Facilities/ Agent Services

  • Directors and Company Officers

  • Nominee holders of shares or other assets

  • Maintenance of statutory records

  • Corporate structuring and administration of foundations and trustees

  • Administrations and day to day running of corporate entities

  • Compliance Services

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Tax Compliance 

  • Tax Services 

Services for Capital Markets 

& Funds 

Our global financial regulation and advisory services help clients to navigate the evolving and the increasingly complex regulatory environment of the professional world of today.

We can assist in structuring business and operations in the most efficient commercial ways, from establishing regulated funds to electronic money institutions.

  • Aircraft / Yacht Finance 

  • Fund Administration Services 

  • Umbrella Fund Services 

  • Escrow account, Bank account, Alternative payments

  • Special Purpose Vehicle 

  • Reserved Alternative Investment Fund Services 

  • Alternative Investment Fund Services 

  • Licensing of EMI in all main Jurisdictions 

  • Betting License in all Main EU countries 

Services for Family Business 


Our expert Family Business Wealth team designs and administers programs that support private clients and extended families, handle numerous and dynamic cross-border properties, address tax and regulatory issues, and plan succession of estate and business

  • Estate & Inheritance planning services

  • Trustees Services

  • Investment Portfolio monitoring services

  • Services for High Net Worth Individuals

  • Citizenship  By Investment Programs 

  • Tax Planning for Expatriates