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In the lives of rich individuals, companies, and their families' trusts, foundations, corporations, and partnerships play a crucial role. A combined number of globally mobile customers maintain, expand and protect their wealth and assets for generations to come.


Our service is given under the regulatory and statutory system of Cyprus and the fiduciary service expert is approved by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission   ( CySec ).



FLEXI provides a global incorporation service that is tailored to your needs. Whether you want to start a business in Europe, the United States, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, or somewhere else, our service is quick, cost-effective, and solution-oriented.



We give you the peace of mind of knowing that your business is appropriately constituted in accordance with the law, and that your statutory records and annual reports are kept on sophisticated company secretarial software to guarantee that you meet your requirements each year.

Our Incorporation and related services 

  • Company formation in all jurisdictions

  • Branch registration of Foreign Corporations

  • Representative office registration

  • Provision of registered office facilities

  • Provision of registered agents

  • Provision of local representatives and agents

These services include :

  • Directorship and nominee services

  • Provision of company secretaries, managers and other officers

  • Establishment and maintenance of statutory records

  • Corporate structuring

  • Issuance of share certificates or other ownership instruments

  • Preparation and filing of annual returns

  • Preparation and filing of licence applications

  • Preparation, filing and payment of licence fees

  • Translation services in all major languages

  • Corporate governance and international compliance

Bank Introduction & Bank Management Services 

We offer a complete list of banking solutions to businesses, each of which is tailored to your specific profile and needs in order to create the best possible banking solution for your company. Our international banking solutions incorporate cutting-edge technologies that will benefit both ourselves and our clients by boosting efficiency across the board.


We can assist with the opening bank accounts for :

  • Gaming Companies

  • FX Companies

  • Startups

  • Trusts

  • eCommerce companies

  • Electronic Money Institutions

  • Payment Institutions

Trust & Trustee Services 

A trust can help you preserve your money while also giving you more control over how your assets are managed and distributed.  A common definition of a Trust is that a trust is a legal relationship created by a settlor who places assets under the control of a trustee who manages and controls the assets for the benefit of a beneficiary. What a trust basically does is to split legal and equitable title of the property, the legal title is vested in the hands of the trustee while the equitable title in the hands of the beneficiary.

Through Flexi’s licensed Trust and Trustee companies, clients are offered:

  • A bespoke service regarding the establishment of a Cyprus International Trust or other trust structure in various jurisdictions

  • Trusteeship and related services

  • Administration of Trust funds

  • Trust accounting and maintenance of asset ledgers

  • Reporting and filing as appropriate

  • Advice and guidance



All companies, irrespective of their jurisdiction of incorporation, need and should compile accounts in compliance with the jurisdiction's corporate rules so that all shareholders and directors have access to appropriate financial information on which to base business decisions.

We offer the following services in this regard:

  • Maintenance of accounting records, financial reporting and consolidation

  • The preparation of management and annual financial statements

  • Arranging audits

  • VAT advice, registration and related services

  • Financial modelling and forecasting

  • Preparation of business plans

  • Preparation and filing of tax returns

  • Debt analysis and recovery services


Governments around the world are progressively imposing indirect taxes. Businesses have seen the relevance of indirect taxation for some years as governments have accepted the change from direct to indirect taxation.

  • Advice on the tax treatment and structure of transactions and supply chains

  • Advice on the indirect tax ramifications of entering new markets and conducting corporate transactions

  • Assistance to businesses that are the subject of tax audits or other inquiries by tax or customs authorities

  • Advice on effective global compliance strategies

  • Tax management services

  • Global VAT recoveries


The global business environment of 2021 is more unpredictable than ever and sensible entrepreneurs and business owners must be informed of changes in the global tax system and legal environment in order to stay on top of the game and respond to any industry revolution.

Flexi Group is here to provide the strategic and legal support needed to overcome today's issues and ensure a long-term, well-protected, and profitable future.

  • Banking and Finance

  • Contract Law

  •  Corporate & Company Law

  •  Data Protection Law

  • Employment Law

  •  Intellectual Property

  • Second Passport

  • Tax

  • Trust

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