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Company Redomiciliation

Services for Companies – from Registration of a Corporation to Company Redomiciliation

The corporate landscape is always changing. With every new presidential administration comes updates in tax codes and legislation regarding how companies can operate. Therefore, if you are a high net worth individual looking to set up a corporation or make changes to an existing corporate structure, come see us at Flexi Group. We offer everything from the registration of a corporation to company redomiciliation. Whether you’re looking to establish a new entity or move an existing structure from one place to another, we can guide you through the process.

For wealthy families and high net worth individuals, corporations and trusts are important tools. However, it’s also necessary to understand how to properly use those tools if you want to get the maximum benefit. Although an attorney can help you with the registration of a corporation, they may not have the expertise to ensure that you register the right kind of entity and put the right systems in place to keep your company airtight and protected from any unforeseen circumstances. At Flexi Group, we specialize in helping high net worth individuals structure their companies in a way designed to offer the maximum protection and tax benefits. We even offer company redomiciliation services — which refers to the process of moving a company’s place of incorporation to another jurisdiction. If you feel like it would be in your best interest to relocate to another jurisdiction because of the flexibility and tax advantages, we can help. We are based in Cypress and operate under the regulatory and statutory system of the country. We are happy to help you set up a similar arrangement so that your company can be as dynamic as possible and not hampered by any overbearing legislation. Give us a call today if you need corporate services and a trusted partner to guide you through the process.

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