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Public access to the UBO Registry as of the 1st of June

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

According to an announcement made on the 24th of May 2022 by the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property Department, the public and all obliged entities will be able to request information from the Registry of Beneficial Owners of Companies and other Legal Entities by submitting a written request to the Department as well as payment of a €3.50 fee per company or partnership.

The submission of the request shall be made at the Department’s register and should include the name and registration number of the legal entity as well as an email address for correspondence purposes.

To this day, only the competent and prosecuting authorities (i.e. MOKAS, Police, Central Bank etc.) could access the Registry.

*DISCLAIMER: This article and its publication are intended to provide a brief introduction and act as a general guide. This is provided for information purposes only and cannot be utilized as a substitute for professional advice. This document does not represent a legal opinion and one must not rely on it without receiving independent advice based on the particular facts of its own case. No responsibility is accepted by the author or the publishers for any loss suffered from acting or refraining from acting based on the contents of this publication.

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