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We celebrate our 25th Anniversary !!!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Dear Clients, Partners and Associates,

This year marks a very special landmark for the history of Flexi Group as we celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Flexi Group was birthed in 1996 starting with a small start-up company (NumberMax Business Services Limited) with a vision to be ahead of the rest and provide services at a high-quality level without undermining its core values of excellence, teamwork, leadership and social impact.

This small standalone company has expanded to the group that Flexi is today.

A group that I am proud to say is fuelled by the never-ending quest for Excellence and Innovation in the Service Industry.

Today Flexi is a group with over 25 years of history and refined professionalism that is evidenced from our success in the industry.

We have managed to evolve from an administration services provider, setting up corporations for small businesses, to a Global Service provider offering tailor made solutions and consultation to some of the top investors in the world in the gaming, real estate, shipping, pharmaceuticals, E-commerce, Alternative Payment Solutions and commercial industries.

As we commemorate our 25th founding anniversary, I would like to thank each and every employee, associate, partner and client for the trust that has vested in this group and their significant contribution in making reality of the idea that started little over 25 years ago.

As always, we will continue to revolutionize and move forward into the future and attain even higher standards of excellence. This past year has been a test for every individual as well as businesses, in each and every industry.

However, through each hardship there are lessons to be learned and Flexi Group can declare that it has taken this opportunity to further evolve our craft and lay even stronger foundations to be able to climb even higher in the Service Industry.

We are all prepared to make this Group stronger by finding solutions to the challenges of our industries whilst making sure that we all overcome this global health crisis in good shape.

Stay safe, stay healthy and will get through this together.

Happy 25 years of Flexi Group.

Yours Truly,

Joseph Vrahimis

Founder - Executive Chairman

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